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ColdFusion API Manager at CFSummit 2018

At CFSummit 2018, I presented on how APIs are redefining how software is built today, and how the ColdFusion API Manager helps you with your API deployments and management.

The session spoke about, why the APIs are the need of the hour in any enterprise environment that deals with large amounts of data, and are a necessity for communication across different technology stacks. But building applications that serve and consume APIs are only one part of the equation. Administering, maintaining and securing your APIs define the impact brought about by the API you built. The session demonstrated how one of the most simple, but the most performant API Managers out there, ColdFusion API Manager, improves your end-to-end API distribution workflows. The session also gave insights into configurations of API Manager that help you author more control over access to your APIs. Insights included on real-world use-cases on how organizations are already using ColdFusion API Manager in production to streamline information flow internally.

Here’s the recording!

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