Create Installer for .NET Windows Applications

This post speaks about creating a installer for .NET windows applications using Visual Studio 2005. Note, this is different from creating a Setup Project for Web Applications. For any desktop application with a good number of files, an installer with all your files bundled up is required for a hassle free usage. A handful of […]


Maps : Zoom into appropriate location

Visitors end up seeing the entire world on the map when GeoCoordinates are not available. There are two ways to combat this, Either position map (calculate longitude) based on the timezone from system date, The entire map is still seen, but the map is positioned with the visitors location at the center. Below is the […]


Hello world!

Well… here’s my first post. Technically, everything new starts with a ‘Hello World’… That’s how I start my blog too… Its been quite some time since i gave up not finding a host which gives you complete control on a blog. With frantic searches for the best blog engine, tried out B2Evolution… and finally zeroed […]