Native Extensions – Flash Builder Webinar

I did a webinar last Wednesday on using Native Extensions with Flash Builder. The agenda covered an introduction to Native Extensions – Rather Actionscript Native Extensions, the workflow involved in using native extensions, followed by a live demo.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to attend,

Here is the link to the Recording,
View Recording

Here are the Slides,

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6 Responses to “Native Extensions – Flash Builder Webinar”

  1. Pulkit Gupta

    Hi Immanuel,

    Can you tell me which version of FB you are using for this demo? I don’t see the checkbox to package native extensions in the native extensions tab. And the native extension doesn’t get packaged along with the application on compiling with FB 4.6.

  2. Pulkit, the package option can be found under PROJECT PROPERTIES > BUILD PACKAGING > (PLATFORM) > Native Extensions

  3. Hi Immanuel,
    I was able to check the package for android for speech.ANE. once it is done, i get the error on digital signature “The specified file doesn’t found” for C:\Certificates\Immanuel.p12.. I don’t have a certificate.. please help. Im a newbie to flex.. thanks in advance.. I use FB4.6

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