Language improvements in ColdFusion 2018 at Adobe Immerse ’18

Get insights into the language improvements in ColdFusion 2018, at the Adobe Immerse Webinar on June 12, 2018. I will be speaking about Null Support, Final variables, Abstract Methods, Data Type Preservation, Asynchronous Programming Constructs, and a host of improvements on Array.

Here’s the session abstract.
Learn how ColdFusion 2018’s new asynchronous programming constructs allow you to offload resource or I/O intensive functionalities in your application to improve performance. ColdFusion 2018 includes NULL support which makes it convenient to work with other technologies, when accepting or sending data to client side from ColdFusion. New features include default functions on interfaces and covariant return types. Join this session to walk through CFML code running on the latest ColdFusion 2018.

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