Me, Immanuel Noel. I currently work with the ColdFusion Engineering team at Adobe. When I’m not working, I love to go cycling (Trek 3700) at dawn, travel, explore nature (Flikr) through the lens (Canon 60D + 50mm + 18-55mm + 55-250mm) or dab on the keyboard (The legacy, Yamaha PSR-18) with minimal knowledge I’ve gained (and continue to gain) from notes/articles/videos scattered across the internet. Between all of the above, I jump in front of the screen often to do what I love most – code.

Here is a snapshot of my journey through technology. I started off with .NET Windows Application while in college, turning all ideas that came into my mind into applications. Started off at dWise Solutions with an application for Android. I built on 1.5 Cupcake back then. Worked on .NET for about a year till an opportunity to work on Flex came my way, and dabbling started with AIR, Flex, ActionScript and MXML. Post that, I moved on to Adobe as a Flash Platform Evangelist, and had an opportunity to work with some amazing people, speak at some top notch conferences, got to know a ton of people from the Flash Community. Started working with the Flash Player Engineering Team. Got to work on the ground breaking Stage3D and had a sneak peek into OpenGL and assembly language – AGAL. Next came the stint at ColdFusion Engineering Team, which continues to entice me, with the insights into the server side of things, with CFML and numerous permutations of connectors, webservers and server OSs.

This blog is a collection of articles, on topics that enthusiast me, code snippets or components that I’ve come across or created that might help me or you, to code or design. Find blog posts I’ve made on my career / personal developments here.

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