Google’s foray into Internet-Dom

Google, a search based company. A defining tag for Google until 3 years back.

What would you call it now with Operating Systems, Mobile OS’s, Programming Languages, Web Protocols, Email Redefinitions, An Architect UI for Image Search, VOIP under its belt?

Here is a list of few of Google’s latest products.,
Chormium OS – The Linux-based operating system. This happens to be another open source project from Google, targeted at Netbooks. Google has just given out the OS code, and has already compiled the code and put it up for download.

Google Go – Another open sourced product from Google. The Go Programming Language, with Gordon the gopher as the mascot, as Google claims, is intended to speed up the development process, combining performance with speed. Check out this video for more.

SPDY – An an application-layer protocol, SPDY (pronounced SPeeDY) is an attempt to out-date a protocol we see all day, HTTP. This protocol attempts to transfer files on the internet, faster than we have been doing till today. It attempts to transfer files based on priorities, allowing developers load the REQUIRED content on their webpage first.

WaveGoogle Wave is another Open Source Technology, projected as a ‘personal communication and collaboration tool’ with integrated Email, Chat and Social Networking. Unlike the Email technology we use today, Messages are not sent, but referred. All Wave’s are stored on a central server, with your Wave’s transmitted character by character. Check this 1hr 20min video, and you are bound to be fascinated by it.

Android – Known as the Google Phone by many, Android, is essentially a Mobile OS, running on a Linux Kernel, is Open Source and is backed by the Open Handset Alliance, a group of 47 firms which includes Google. Originally built by Android Inc, a California based company. Ended up being owned by Google, and later the Open Handset Alliance. SDKs facilitate application development on Java, along with libraries provided by Google. Here is the latest running on Android,
Motorola Droid – Running on Android 2.0.
Google Phone – Nexus One – from the house of HTC, Nexus One is said to be a unlocked device, marketed on the internet, with the first few handsets being invitation only. Registered Android developer? You have your chances.

Google Squared Another innovative, useful search square. Plots the kind of charts you last saw in your history classes.

Swirl Image Search If you haven’t tried out this service yet, check it out here. Swirl not only gives out appropriate results, as Google always has been, it also pop’s up images RELATED to your appropriate result.

Acquisition of Gizmo5 – Gizmo5, A VOIP Leader, was acquired by Google earlier this month. Gizmo5 uses open standard for their call management. Rumours has it say that Gizmo5 combined with GrandCentral will be provided as one service, Google Voice.

Apart from this, you will be amazed at the number of tiny softwares Google has in its stable, and of which most of us will not be aware of. Check out the list here. Don’t miss the icons below that indicate 12 pages !

Coping with incompatible browsers

By Immanuel Noel

A techie at heart. Works with Adobe at Bangalore, India. Currently do DevOps. Been a part of the ColdFusion Engineering, Flash Runtime Engineering, Flash Builder Engineering teams in the past. Was a Flash Platform Evangelist, evangelizing the Adobe Flex platform. Spoke at numerous ColdFusion / Flash and Flex tech conferences. This blog is a collection of some of my strides with technology.

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