Adobe Flash Platform Summit

Functional Intent Meets Pixel Perfection, Adobe Flash Platform Summit,2010 – will feature distinct days for developers and designers. You will learn everything from innovations in Flash, Flex, LCDS, LiveCycle, to bringing great experiences to mobile phones and devices, to the future of the platform. You will learn new technologies that enable integrated design and develop workflows, and innovative ways to monetize content. You will take away the skills, insight, and contacts to take advantage of these opportunities as they transform our industry.

The 2 day event, being the Develop and Design Days, is the largest Flash Platform conference in India with over forty presentations including inspiring keynotes from legendary Adobe speakers. You also have the opportunity to hang out at the expo area and connect with Adobe partners, industry leaders and peer developers and designers. With over 2000 attendees sharing the same passion as you, imagine the opportunities to network and further your goals.

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By Immanuel Noel

A techie at heart. Works with Adobe at Bangalore, India. Currently do DevOps. Been a part of the ColdFusion Engineering, Flash Runtime Engineering, Flash Builder Engineering teams in the past. Was a Flash Platform Evangelist, evangelizing the Adobe Flex platform. Spoke at numerous ColdFusion / Flash and Flex tech conferences. This blog is a collection of some of my strides with technology.

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