Flex – Validate Email Address against the Mail Server

Here is a small piece of code I wrote to demonstrate Interacting with a Command, through an Event while using a Cairngorm Framework.

The application connects to a WSDL webservice via Flash Builder 4 Data/Services to validate an Email address against the Email Server. Doesn’t work well with domains with a ‘Catch-All’ email address though !

Explanation :

  • ValidateEmail.mxml dispatches an event (ValidateEvent) passing Email ID, along with a CallbackFunction as parameters.
  • The ‘Data’ is received in the Cairngorm Command (ValidateCommand), and the Responder Result Function is set accordingly.
  • Delegates into action
  • We handle the Webservice response in ValidateEmail.mxml

For a better explanation, see Flex – Interacting with a Command, through an Event

Built & Tested on Flex 4.
View Demo
View Source

Webservice used from WebServiceX

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