Installing the AIR SDK on Flash Builder

Here is a set of steps you need to follow to configure a new SDK on Flash Builder 4.

Download the AIR SDK
1) The latest SDK can be downloaded from here :
2) Navigate to /Flash_Builder_Installed_Folder/sdks
3) Find the folder named ‘4.0.0’ (Our Flex 4 SDK) and make a copy of it in the same location, and name it, ‘4.0.0 AIR’
4) Extract the contents of the downloaded archive, and paste it inside the ‘4.0.0 AIR’ directory.

Configuring the new AIR SDK
1) Right Click on the Project Name in Flash Builder, and select Properties
2) Select ‘Flex Compiler’
3) Select ‘Configure Flex SDKs’
4) In the popup window that opens, Select ‘ADD’ and point to the new SDK you just created, namely ‘4.0.0 AIR’.
5) Click ‘Ok’
6) Select ‘Use Specific SDK’, and point to your new SDK.
7) Click ‘Ok’

The application should now get complied with the new SDK.

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20 Responses to “Installing the AIR SDK on Flash Builder”

  1. Got me back in business. Don’t forget to update your …-app.xml to the version of the SDK.

  2. Very helpful–thanks! I used it to add the Flex 4.5.1 SDK to Flash Builder 4. The SDK comes with runtime players for 10.2, but its InstallAX one, e.g., won’t work because the current Flash version is now 11.

  3. The AIR3 is running good on the simulator, but when I tried the .apk to upload it to the device, I have this error.
    The app “testair” was not installed on the ipo “Laxman’s iPod” because it is not compatible with this iPod.

    The iOS version of the iPod touch is 4.2.1 (8C148).

    Thank you

  4. @Laxman Looks like something is done wrong while packaging. APK files are for Android’s, not iOS’s. It needs to be IPA files for the same.

  5. @Immanuel Noel
    Hi. Yes, it was ipa file and not apk, sorry for that. The flash builder with AIR 3 can generate ipa file, I can even drag and place on the iTunes, but when I try to sync it on the ipod touch, it the iTunes gives me an “incompatible error”.

    Then, when I used CS5, not cs5.5, with the same code, it generates an ipa file and I dont have any error while uploading it to the same device through iTunes.

    So, in summary, my problem is:
    -Flash builder or CS5.5 with Adobe air 2.7+ bad ipa generation. Not pretty. 🙁
    -CS5, good ipa, but then I cannot use the optimized AIR 2.7 or AIR 3. Still not pretty 🙁

    Thank you for the help

  6. @Immanuel Noel
    FB 4.5 also works perfectly for air 3.1, it only just that the generated ipa file is not good enough, atleast for my ipod touch ( version 4.2.1 (8C148)). The android version generated by FB 4.5 with the same code works fine.

    I also checked the tech-specs for ios, and my ipod touch qualifies very good.

    I cannot just figure out the solution for this problem.

    Thank you for the help

  7. @Laxman,
    I suggest you upgrade to FB 4.6 and AIR 3.1. These versions have improved optimization’s for the mobile space, and you should be able to get the most out of it.
    FB 4.6 is a free upgrade to FB 4.5

  8. @Immanuel Noel
    Actually, I begun to think my device is not supported.
    Anyway, I am upgrading the flash builder to 4.6 and will check if it works from it.

    Thank you again for helping. 🙂

  9. @Immanuel Noel
    Hi, today I successfully installed FB4.6, but I still have the same incompatibility issue on ipod touch device…

  10. After duplicating current sdk, you have to copy folders one by one otherwise folder content would be deleted before replace

  11. When publishing using the new AIR3.5 sdk for IOS and Android in Flash Builder is it necessary to add the compiler arg -swf-version=18 ?

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