Walked into small and big companies in the past, but the day I first entered Adobe, Bangalore, I vowed to myself to enter through the orange doors of my dream company with a valid access card in hand. Glad I was able to do that on 8th November 2010.

All thanks for Balaji, my senior at college, for referring me to Adobe, Aparna for leading me through the HR formalities seamlessly, Arijit, Ramesh, Harish, Praveen, Radhakrishna and Sourab for the interviews and for taking time off to give clarity on my job description.

The day of my interviews, I was super-excited with people like Ramesh and Harish – Awesome people whom I unquestionably adore – on the other side of the table. Irrespective of whether I make it into the Evangelism team, or Adobe for that matter, just having a one on one conversation with these people gave me crazy numbers of ideas, opinions and insights. It was indeed an excellent learning opportunity. Interviews, are just not the word !

As life has its say, my official birthday, October 13th turned out to be the best one ever. On the day, with all formalities completed, I was finally offered to work with the India Evangelism team as a Platform Evangelist .

This post has been considerably delayed, but better late than never. I am now 2 months into the job, and loving every bit of it, working with an awesome team. How else could it be, working at the Flex Factory !

With all said, looking forward to dive deeper into the job. The best i could possibly imagine.

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By Immanuel Noel

A techie at heart. Works with Adobe at Bangalore, India. Currently do DevOps. Been a part of the ColdFusion Engineering, Flash Runtime Engineering, Flash Builder Engineering teams in the past. Was a Flash Platform Evangelist, evangelizing the Adobe Flex platform. Spoke at numerous ColdFusion / Flash and Flex tech conferences. This blog is a collection of some of my strides with technology.

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