New Domain acquired –

I just acquired a new domain, Found my existing domain,, to be too long to be key’d in to the address bar 🙂

I plan to use as,

  • An alternate URL for my website / blog. The new (other) URL for my blog is,
  • A URL shortening service for my own needs.

Here are a few short URLs,
Twitter :
Facebook :
LinkedIn :
Google Plus :

My existing domain, is still going to be the primary domain. Your old bookmarks should not be affected.

Moving on from Evangelism...

2 Responses to “New Domain acquired –”

  1. Cool man…

    I would even suggest taking off the subdomain altogether. Just – should be your blog. should be what ever other content, like portfolio, etc. 🙂

    – h

  2. Thanks for that dude! Considered that, but don’t want to have my domain focus only on technology. My blog does 🙂

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