New found love for the Foundation Framework

Foundation is a beautiful framework for authoring HTML JS websites. I believe that this framework stikes a perfect balance between being just right ‘heavy’ while accomplishing what a designer-developer would want it to. What more, it also comes with a customization package to help you keep it simple. But that said, it is the framework that helps me get over all the repetitive’s, hard to get aligned kind of coding. I am a fan of the grid system it offers.

Now, Foundation isn’t a school kids tazo. It is a mature framework, and there are other of the same kind. I reached foundation after a long ride across the internet searching for the lightest CSS framework. All I wanted was a base to write my HTML code on. Something that would help me confine my effort to a single good browser, and having to worry less about browser incompatibilities. I came across Skeleton. Read a little about it on its website. And it seemed to be the very thing I was looking for. I loved the minimalist, simple, light-weight css framework that Skeleton is. Adapted well on mobile, but fell short on one aspect – Fluidity. So, there started the search again!


I’m also amazed at the activity it attracts on Github. The project has 15K+ stargazers, 3K+ forks, and sees issues being fixed every other day. This fact alone convinces me to a large extent on adopting this framework. No one wants to be left in the lurch, right?

Here are a handful of things that makes me go back to Foundation for my next web app.

  1. Fluid CSS Framework
  2. Mobile First Approach
  3. Bundled Components
  4. LESS and SASS/SCSS support

I think Foundation has all the goodness of, clean, easy to use, fluid CSS framework. Templates for the newbies. Mobile first approach, and yeah, also has a mascot!
Sure it isn’t light, but if you know what exactly you want, you have an option to ignore some of the bundled goodness during download.
All components come bundled along with SASS/SCSS support.

Explore Foundation…

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