ColdFusion 11 Hot Fix 1 and Connectors

There it is! Hotfix 1 – The first update for ColdFusion 11.
The technote detailing the release is here,

The update packs a handful of fixes to critical bugs, with two of them being on the connector. I will be detailing these two fixes here,

  1. IIS worker process hangs when IIS site config is changed – Bug# 3777189
    The bug details the issue where IIS worker process (w3wp.exe) hangs or loads for a prolonged time, and eventually times out after a configuration change is made on IIS manager. This was a serious bug, and has been confirmed to be fixed in the update.

  2. First request slow on Windows – Bug# 3758172
    The bug basically points out that the first request, when configured with IIS, takes a large amount of time to render. This would happen after the ColdFusion server has restarted, or if the IIS worker process has returned from the idle state. This bug too, is confirmed to be fixed in the update.

An important factor to consider, is that the connector bits already configured on your environment need to be replaced with the fixed one’s. What this means is that the existing connector would have to be removed and reconfigured for the fixes to be in place. Just ensure, all your custom connector configurations are backed up before you reconfigure!

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