ColdFusion 11 Hotfix 5 and ColdFusion 10 Hotfix 16 are out!

Hotfix 5 for ColdFusion 11, and Hotfix 16 for ColdFusion 10 are out, and fix close to 150 bugs collectively!

Connector fixes for IIS are available for ColdFusion 11, and that would imply the need to reconfigure connectors if you are on a ColdFusion 11 configured with IIS. ColdFusion 11 also packs Apache 2.4.10 support. However, you would not need to reconfigure Apache connectors unless Apache 2.4.10 support is required.
No connector reconfigurations are required for ColdFusion 10.

Find the technotes below,
ColdFusion 11 Update 5:
ColdFusion 10 Update 6:

More details are seen on the ColdFusion Blog.

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