ColdFusion WSConfig configuration backups

ColdFusion 11 update 5 helps address a issue with connector reconfigurations, that could potentially leave you in the lurch. The update includes a workflow to backup your custom configurations while un-configuring ColdFusion from an IIS site or an Apache instance.

Here’s a little more detailing about what the workflow does.

On unconfiguring the connector on IIS, a directory backup gets created under the /CF/config/wsconfig directory, and houses directories which go by the names “1-1“, “1-2“, “2-1“, etc. Though these directories sound too cryptic, its easy to figure out what it stands for. You can consider the naming convention to be of the form <ORIGINAL CONFIGURATION DIRECTORY MAGIC NUMBER>-<INCREMENTAL NUMBER>. The incremental number exists to ensure older unconfigurations do not get overwritten.

On unconfiguring the connector on Apache, everything said of the IIS hold true. Additionally, mod_jk.conf is also backed up. The mod_jk.conf file is created by ColdFusion, and tied to Apache’s httpd.conf when the connector is configured. The said configuration file houses mappings to connector files, CF specific handler mappings and virtual directories.

And that, we hope, saves you from frustrations of re-tuning you connector configurations!

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